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In this rapidly growing business market, it is very hard to survive. No of business is increasing day by day. The market is filled with competitive companies and are growing very fast. Very few companies or businesses hold that much and make a profit out of competition. The one who uses best model and who’s more interactive to their customers can only survive in this situation. One thing that no business should forget is that only two things matter in a successful business and i.e. the product or service you provide should best among all others and the second is that you should be connected and well connected to you targeted audience or customers.

CRM is the best solution for a business to scale up and provide a better connection with their customers. CRM (Customer relationship management) is a process where a business can get connected to their customers and clients. A system of CRM helps the businesses make profit by staying in streamline process with their customers. If you have to last your business for a long run CRM is for you. System allows you to record the customer’s contact information, pattern of spending, area of interest and many more. It helps you to manage marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, service issues, etc. Data gained by using CRM can be shared by your sales team which will amplify the sales.

Before using a CRM you should be aware of different types of CRM. Types of CRM is listed below:

1. Operational CRM

This type of CRM mainly deals with the process of service automation, sales automation and marketing automation. The whole purpose of this CRM is to generate leads and convert them into customers and use thier details to provide the service throughout the life.

2. Analytical CRM

This CRM gives a idea to your sales teams or management personnel to provide better service to the client. Data analysis is the main feature of this CRM application. It collects data from customers using various touch points. It helps the top management to take better decisions.

3. Collaborative CRM

This CRM shares the data generated from customers within various business units like sales team, technical and support team, marketing team. In real the business units rarely shares the data of the customer with other business units. Which eventually makes loss for the business. Collaborative CRM make sure that business units come together for the best results.

CRM systems uses different kinds of tools and features to give you the correct data of the user. Relationship with customer is a basic and important part of a business model. Healthy relationships with clients and customers leads to a successful and profitable business. For your convenience i have mentioned top 5 best CRM software which are used by thousands of businesses to make profits.

Top 5 CRM Software’s are

1. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a California based cloud computing software company. It provides the service of customer relationship management services. Started in 1999 and from that time the company is delivering its services. It is considered as the best company in CRM service across the world. 56,000 workers work for Salesforce company. In 2021 fortune magazine has given the second place in top 100 companies to work for list, based on the workers satisfaction. If you are going choose a CRM company for your business this should be your first priority. It offers a variety of tools for CRM services. This is a cloud based CRM.

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot offers you one of the best services in marketing, sales and CRM services. Founded in 2006 this US based company offers inbound marketing and many other customer services. This software company provides the services of social media marketing, lead generation, seo, web analytics, etc. HubSpot also have launched their own academy where you can attend digital marketing training programs.

3. Active campaign

A cloud based software company based in Chicago. Mainly works on email marketing and marketing. Also provide the service of CRM to customers. Offers a variety of services to customers including email marketing, sales automation and other CRM Categories. Active campaign integrates with more than 850 companies including Salesforce, PayPal, Gmail, stripe, etc. They offer the tools and software for a very low price compared to others.

4. Mailchimp

An American marketing automation platform and email marketing services. Mailchimp is used by thousands of successful business to advertise their business and connect with customers using CRM services. In 2018 MailChimp upgraded itself to be a bigger marketing platform than just a email marketing service. In the following years MailChimp merged with many other email marketing companies to upgrade and scale it up. Until new it has been a successful and profitable CRM service provider in America.

5. Zoho corporation

A indian multinational technology company which provides web based business tools. Founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas. It is a cloud computing company which serves word wide. It also provides a cloud software suite for your business. CRM and cloud software suite is the main field where the company is constantly is working and providing quality service to their customers. They are committed to provide better service to the clients.

CRM is the best solution for a business to scale up and be in the market competition. It has been very difficult for a company to survive it’s first 5 years in the market. The base of a business is the quality service or product and a healthy relationship with your clients and customers.

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