Top 5 Global University Employability Ranking 2021- Graduate Employability Ranking

Everyone dreams about getting educated and have the dream job and settle in life. But one of the important parts of this journey is to make a decision about, what do want to be. After getting a answer to that question you have to search for the university or institution. Which you are going to learn that. It’s not a easy part to choose a university for learning. Thier are many factors in which you must look and be sure that you can afford that.

Choosing the right university is important, because it will gonna affect your future. The skills you will learn, the attitude you will have, the mind set you transform to. This is all dependent to choosing a proper fit of university. This is the crucial steps you have in your hand to shape your career and rest of your life. As the decision is important you don’t have to put pressure on you, you will have lot of happy memories too. One of the best part of your life would be your university. You will meet new people and friends and also new opportunities. You will amplify your knowledge and experience.

There are thousands of universities in India as well as abroad in which you can get your education. But before choosing a university you must look some factors of that university. Some of the factors you should consider is mentioned below :

Your desired course and future

Find a university which offers the course you want to study. Search that your course is available and the faculties which are teaching the courses is well acquainted with knowledge and experience. Look the modules and specialty of that courses, duration of the course in that university. All this information is important while searching for an university.

University rankings and employment ratio

This is one of tha important factors to look when you are choosing a university. Yhe quality education offered by the university is reflected in this way. If the university and the teaching of it is effective it will show up in this criteria. The rankings of the university on different levels tells us overall results produce by the UNI. the employability ratio is the result of universities quality education and learning.

University location

Better to check the campus of your institution before joining it. It shouldn’t be a remote place, rather it should be available with all the facilities like hospitals, markets and accommodation.

Extra curriculum activities

University is not all about learning and studying, it is also to enhance the quality of you character and making you a good human being. Whether it would be poetry, politics, sports or other activities which let you involve with other personals and able to make a decision in different situations. A good university must be having this type of structure to provide you the best of yourself.

There are other factors to consider about like financial aspect, master degrees, scholarships, etc. After considering this things only you should have a conclusion of what you gonna choose.

Top 5 colleges based on employment ratio:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

With a outstanding performance over 150 years MIT is providing the best quality of education in United States. The aim of this university was to increase industrialization of united state. It played a key role in modern technology and science. The alumni of this university is making a difference in the real world with the knowledge they get in the university. Till now the university has given 98 nobel laureates, 41 astronauts and many heads of state. The university supports entrepreneurial culture, many business have been associated with this very university. It stands at the first place in employability Ranking in 2021.

2. Stanford University

One of the most popular and one of the best universities around the world. Stanford University located in California, USA is providing the best education for the students for over a century. The university is committed to helping students to change thier life with the education. As of speaking of achievement of this university, Stanford have given 85 nobel laureates, 74 billionaires and 17 astronauts. It is the hub for start ups and known foe its funding to new startup. The alumni of this university has given thier best in different fields and have marked thier name in that field. The university ranks at second place at employment ranking.

3. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA is public research university in LA. Is the second oldest branch of California University system after Berkeley. It has all over educational programs to offer the students. It is one of the public Ivies and has been ranked among the best universities in the world. 16 nobel laureates, 270 Olympics medals, two chief scientists i us air force and many others. This university have made thier name by giving the world the best of alumnis. The employability ratio of UCLA is about 99.1%.

4. The University of Sydney

USYD which is public research university has been a successful educational institution in the world by providing thier world renowned education from last 172 years. Among the top 25 universities for academic reputation and top 4 in employment Rankings. Five nobel laureates, seven Australian prime Minister, 24 justice of the high Court and 19 Gates scholars. This university is been offering the best education and knowledge among the world. Ranked at 4 at employability rankings by QS world university rankings.

5. Harvard University

The oldest University for higher learning in United States. Ome of the private Ivy league university in Massachusetts. From medicals to law Harvard has given every field remarkable experience with thier alumnis. 161 nobel prize winners, 8 US president, 188 living billionaire,110 Olympic medals and notable companies have been achieved by this university. In teaching and learning it is considered as the best institution. The employability rankings is fifth but the value of education is far more higher than any other university.

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